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"I was bedridden, but after your prayer I have recovered"


The whole family trembled for the life of Mrs. Simonlehner (84 years) in Austria. In the hospital she was connected to a breathing apparatus and became bedridden. Concerned about their sick mother the children came the long way from Austria to the World Movers Intarnational Church (WMIC) in Hamburg to ask for prayer. The Man of God, Prophet Julius O. Egeonu prayed for her and commited Mrs. Simonlehner into the hands of God. He anointed a handkerchiev

and instructed them to go back to Austria and put it on the sick woman. They did it ... and …then, to everyone's surprise, she started to breathe normally, got up from the sickbed and could walk free. The doctors disconnected her from the

breathing apparatus and released her home. The entire family was amazed about the Power of God upon the Ministry of Prophet Julius O. Egeonu. A few months later Mrs. Simonlehner and her family wanted to honor the Prophet of God and organized a day trip by plane to Austria for him. He visited Mrs. Simonlehner and blessed her for a long life. Since then, they are faithful partners to the Ministry of Prophet Julius O. Egeonu and enjoy their beloved mother every day.


Healed from breast cancer

During a live Church Service Mrs. Simi called the World Movers International Church and asked Prophet Julius O. Egeonu for prayer. The healing anointing of Jesus Christ was transfered to the woman through a prayer on the telephone and  when she went to the next medical appointment, she was surprised to find out that she was completely healed from breast cancer. Full of gratitude, she wrote us this email on August 4, 2020:

"Ich möchte Zeugnis geben. Beim Arzt letzte Woche Freitag war Alles in Ordnung. Ich bin so dankbar. Sie hatten gebetet für mich am Livestream.

Ich bin die Frau aus der Nähe aus Stuttgart. Simi, 48 Jahre. Ich hatte Brustkrebs. 

Habe 2 Waisenkinder 10 und 4 Jahre. Ich bin Gott so sehr dankbar, dass ich Leben darf. Halleluja Jesus Christus. Gott segne Sie. DANKE "


What God has done for these people,

he can do for you too, because

"All things are possible to him that believeth."

Mk 9:23

14 years of barrenness broken

Since her wedding,  Mrs. Numuni (name chnged) wished nothing more than a baby of her own. Years passed by and the frustration grew bigger and bigger. Fourteen sorrowful years of barrenness finally brought her to the World Movers International Church. When the MAn of God, Prophet Julius prayed for the lady, the demonic forces - responsible for her barreness - were exposed. Mrs. Numuni lost the control of her body and was thrown to the ground. The demonic powers consumed her until Prophet Julius finally delivered her, through the power of Jesus Christ.

After her deliverance God released a prophetic word for her and Prophet Julius O. Egeonu said:

"God will give you double for your trouble,

you will have twins."

Only a few months later, Mrs. Numuni came back with a big belly to give her testimony. After birth she sent us these pictures.

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